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Inconvenient Inspiration

It recently occurred to me that I’m inspired to write at extremely inconvenient times. These include:

  • In bed, late at night, when S is asleep. Seeing as I’m not completely evil, I can’t whack the light on and start scribbling in my notebook, so I hide under the duvet and write notes on my phone, trying not to wake S up with the glare from the screen. Fun times.
  • On the back of our tandem. My best creative writing ideas come to me when we’re speeding down country lanes, and although I can take my hands away from the handlebars long enough to take a selfie now, (very proud of that), I don’t think I’ll risk penning a novel from the back of a bicycle made for two.
  • At other people’s weddings. Yes, this is very awkward. I can’t exactly whip out my notebook or phone just as they’re saying ‘I do’, can I?
  • When other people are reading out their work at my monthly creative writing workshop. Again, bit rude.
  • When I’m driving. One word: DANGEROUS.

For the above reasons, you’ll often see me with bizarre-looking codes scrawled hastily on the back of my left hand. These are notes-to-self, made when I have only a pen and my own hand as a means of recording my thoughts.

Ironically, when I’m sitting at my desk with all my writing tools in front of me and an entire day to devote to writing, I’ll be completely uninspired and get absolutely nothing written.

Ah well. Such is life.

Tips for the unemployed partner in a cohabiting relationship

I wrote an article for which offers tips for the newly unemployed partner in a cohabiting relationship, and you can read it here:

Starting Out Vs Stressing Out!

(As featured on

I recently resigned from a full-time job that was making me incredibly miserable and am now in the early stages of setting myself up as a freelance writer.

It’s an amazing feeling, but stressful too!

Every day is spent writing, researching, networking and pitching my work in an attempt to put myself in the best possible position to start offering my services as a writer, and I have so many ideas running through my head but no loose ends tied up!

Although it’s still very early days for me, I’ve discovered a few things that make the every-day life of an aspiring freelance writer a little easier…

  • Getting up with the other members of your household (or setting an alarm if you live alone)

With no boss to answer to, you could lie in until 11am every day if you wanted to! Personally, I find that getting up when my boyfriend goes to work means that I’m able to make the most of the day ahead. If you live alone, setting an alarm for a decent time will stop you over-sleeping and wasting valuable writing hours!

  • Making a healthy lunch the night before

Every evening, I make myself a salad for the next day. Not only does this mean that I don’t have to take time out of my day to make lunch, but it stops me falling into the habit of eating sandwiches, pasta or other carbohydrate-based meals that I really shouldn’t be eating when I’m spending most of my day sitting down! Which leads me nicely on to…

  • Taking time to exercise or just go outside

I don’t want to preach about how unhealthy it is to sit at a computer all day, but I will preach about the power of a 10 or 20-minute exercise DVD or online workout! Better still is a brisk walk, as this removes you from your writer’s den for a while!

  • Not working late into the evening

When you’re researching, writing, networking etc. from home, it’s all too easy to carry on late into the evening. I’ve found that I have to make a conscious effort to wind down at night, or I’m too wired to sleep. And on the subject of over-working…

  • Not feeling guilty about doing other things during the day

In all fairness, the ‘other things’ I’ve been doing are generally household chores or food shopping, but at least they get me away from the computer. I’ve tried to get back into the habit of reading for pleasure too, which was my way of winding-down when I had a full-time job. Self-employed or not, no one can work flat-out without a break.

  • Embracing the writer cliché

I’m a bit of a traditionalist and carry a notebook and pen with me, even though I could record things on my phone. For me, life is far less stressful when I can physically write down my thoughts and ideas and know where to find them.

  • Exploring different avenues

Whether I’m adding posts to my blog, working through a proofreading course, attending a creative writing workshop or reviewing books for charity, I’m putting my all into everything I do. At best, something amazing will come of one of these things, and at worst, I’ll have a wealth of experience under my belt.


Ultimately, I have taken a massive leap of faith and, although it’s not easy getting started, I intend to continue focusing all my efforts on achieving my goals, and hope other aspiring writers are able to do the same.